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Ashley Wagner Wins 3rd Us Title With Record-setting Scores - Cbs46 News

ray j and kim kardashian She broke her right ankle in late 2013, and it wasn't until a few months ago that she "finally felt like I could stand my ground," she said. "I feel confident in what I'm doing and I can actually believe in myself and just go do what I can do," she added. Mirai Nagasu, who finished fourth at the 2010 Vancouver Games, left the ice in tears for the second straight nationals. Last year, she http://maopresilchit.blog.fc2.com placed third in a resurgent reference performance but was official website bumped from the Olympic team by Wagner. On Saturday, she got off to a solid start. But in the simplest of moves, skating around the ice, she banged against the wall, tumbling to the ice. Nagasu http://tracuntroprei.postbit.com grabbed at her left knee during the program, then again after it ended. She was later able to smile for the camera, showing off the bloody scratch.
Source: http://www.cbs46.com/story/27931785/madison-chock-evan-bates-win-first-us-title-in-ice-dance

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